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The 1982 Chevrolet Corvette

1982 Collector Edition Corvette

The last year of the body style that was introduced in 1968 as well as the frame that was introduced in 1963. No manual transmission cars were built this year, the first time since 1955. The new "Cross-Fire" fuel injection was introduced with computers controlling two fuel injectors making up to 80 adjustments per second to enhance drivability and fuel economy. This was the first fuel injected Corvette in 20 years, it also raised horsepower by 10. A solenoid operates a small flap in the hood allowing fresh air into the engine during full-throttle acceleration. A new automatic transmission has locking in all but first gear. The exhaust system was re-engineered to use smaller catalytic converters. 1982 was the first year a Corvette base price exceeded $20,000. This was the collector edition and 6,759 were produced. The collector edition was unique in the fact that it was a hatchback with the rear glass opening to allow access to the storage area. The collector edition also had unique bronze solar screened t-tops. Also the crossed-flags emblem read "Collectors Edition" around the edge. The seats and steering wheel continued the two-tone color scheme as well. The Bowling Green plant closed in October of 1982 to begin re-tooling for the new 1984 C4 Corvette.

Production Options and Build Statistics

Total 1982 Corvettes Built - 25,407

Serial Numbers
1G1AYx7x6C5100001 - 1G1AYx7x6C5125407

The "Vehicle Identification Number" (also VIN or serial number) is stamped on a plate on the inner vertical surface of the left windshield pillar visible through the windshield. The VIN Tag ending in 00017 was lost during production and never built.

Serial Number Decoder

11US built
2GGeneral Motors Product
31Chevrolet Motor Division Vehicle
4AType of non-passive passenger restraint system
6-787Body style number: two-door plainback coupe
6-707Collector Edition two-door hatchback coupe
885.7-liter Cross-Fire Injection (CFI) Chevrolet V8
9;A check digit that calculates the characters in the serial number and gives it a single digit code and can be used to verify that the serial number is legitimate
10CThe model year where C = 1982
115Bowling Green, KY
12-17100001 to 1125407Production Sequence

Engine Serial Number Decoder

1982 Corvette engines have the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the block after the engine number. The date code the engine was manufactured was also cast into the block. The engine serial number includes a production sequence number starting with 0001001 and one of the suffixes below.

CodeEngineHorsepowerCompressionTransmissionFuel SupplyExtra Features
ZBAL83 350-cid200-hp V-89.0:1Automaticcross-fire Fuel Injection
ZBCEarly production L83 350-cid200-hp V-89.0:1Automaticcross-fire Fuel InjectionCalifornia
ZBNL83 350-cid200-hp V-89.0:1Automaticcross-fire Fuel InjectionCalifornia

Production Options

1YY87Base Coupe$18,290.07 18,648 73.4%
1YY07Collector Edition Hatchback$22,537.59 6,759 26.6%
AG9Power Driver Seat$197.00 22,585 88.9%
AU3Power Door Locks$155.00 23,936 94.2%
CC1Removable Glass Roof Panels$443.00 14,763 58.1%
C49Rear Window Defogger$129.00 16,886 66.5%
DG7Electric Sport Mirrors$117.00 13,567 53.4%
D84Two-Tone Paint$399.00 5,352 21.1%
FE7Gymkhana Suspension$57.00 7,803 30.7%
K35Cruise Control$155.00 32,522 128.0%
N90Aluminum Wheels$458.00 16,844 66.3%
QGRWhite Letter SBR Tires, P225/70R15$80.00 5,932 23.3%
QXHWhite Letter SBR Tires, P255/60R15$542.52 19,070 75.1%
UL5Radio DeleteN/A 150 0.6%
UM4AM/FM Radio, ETR stereo w/ 8-track$386.00 923 3.6%
UM6AM/FM Radio, ETR stereo w/ cassette$423.00 20,355 80.1%
UN5AM/FM Radio, ETR stereo w/ cassette/CB$755.00 1,987 7.8%
U58AM-FM Radio Stereo$101.00 1,533 6.0%
U75Power Antenna$60.00 15,557 61.2%
V08Heavy Duty Cooling$57.00 6,006 23.6%
V54Roof Panel Carrier$144.00 1,992 7.8%
YF5California Emissions Certification$46.00 4,951 19.5%

Color Options for 1982

Interior options for exterior colors are suggested by Chevrolet. Any combination could be ordered.
Interior Color
10White$0.00CH-CM-DB-DR-SGN-SGY 2,975 11.7%
13Silver Metallic$0.00CH-DB-DR-SGY 711 2.8%
19Black$0.00CH-CM-DR-SGN-SGY 2,357 9.3%
24Silver Blue Metallic$0.00CH-CM-SGY 1,124 4.4%
26Dark Blue Metallic$0.00CM-DB-SGY 562 2.2%
31Bright Blue$0.00CH-CM-DB-SGY 567 2.2%
39Charcoal Metallic$0.00CH-DR-SGY 1,093 4.3%
40Silver Green$0.00CH-SGN 723 2.8%
56Gold$0.00CH-CM 648 2.6%
59Silver Beige$0.00SB 6,759 26.6%
70Red$0.00CH-CM-DR-SGY 2,155 8.5%
99Dark Claret Metallic$0.00CM-DR-SGY 853 3.4%
10/13White/Silver$0.00CH-SGY 664 2.6%
13/39Silver/Charcoal$0.00CH-DR-SGY 1,239 4.9%
13/99Silver/Dark Claret$0.00DR-SGY 1,301 5.1%
24/26Silver Blue/Dark Blue$0.00DB-SGY 1,667 6.6%
Color Codes: C=Cloth, CH=Charcoal, CM=Camel, DB=Dark Blue, DR=Dark Red, L=Leather, SB=Silver Beige, SGN=Silver Green, SGY=Silver Gray

Interior Colors

13CSilver Gray Cloth$0.00 992 3.9%
29CDark Blue Cloth$0.00 451 1.8%
64CCamel Cloth$0.00 350 1.4%
67CDark Red Cloth$0.00 N/A N/A
74CDark Red Cloth$0.00 N/A N/A
132Silver Gray Leather$0.00 3,083 12.1%
182Charcoal Leather$0.00 2,706 10.7%
292Dark Blue Leather$0.00 2,750 10.8%
402Silver Green Leather$0.00 757 3.0%
592Collectors Edition Silver Beige Leather$0.00 6,759 26.6%
642Camel Leather$0.00 1,710 6.7%
742Dark Red Leather$0.00 4,444 17.5%

1982 Corvette Specifications

Mechanical Dimensions

Wheelbase98 inches (2.489 m)
Overall length185.3 inches (4.704 m)
Overall width69.0 inches (1.753 m)
Overall height48.4 inches (1.219 m)
Ground Clearance4.5 inches (11.4 cm)
Front tread58.7 inches (1.491 m)
Rear tread59.5 inches (1.511 m)
Wheel size15 x 8 inches
Tires (Base Corvette)P225/70R-15 SBR (steel-belted radial)
Tires (Collector Corvette)P225/60R-15 SBR (steel-belted radial)
SteeringRecirculating ball (power assisted)
Front suspensionUpper/lower A-arms, coil springs, stabilizer bar
Rear suspensionFully independent with half-shafts, lateral struts, control arms, and transverse leaf springs
BrakesHydraulic, vented four wheel discs 11.75-inch diameter, single calipers
Body constructionSeparate fiberglass body and box-type ladder frame with cross-members
Fuel tank24 US Gal (20 Imp Gal) (91 liters)

Engine Specifications

FeatureBase Engine RPO L83
TypeV-8, 90-degree Overhead valve
BlockCast Iron
Displacement350 cid (5.7 liters)
Bore & Stroke4.00" x 3.48"
Compression Ratio9.0:1
Brake Horsepower200 @ 4200
Torque285 lb-ft @ 2800
Main BearingFive
Valve LiftersHydraulic
Fuel SupplyCross-fire Fuel Injection (twin throttle body injection)

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