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The 1955 Chevrolet Corvette

1955 Red Convertible Corvette

1955 Corvette production was expected to be 10,000 in 1955, the final numbers are much smaller, only 700 1955 Corvettes were finally manufactured. Many people believed this would be the last year for Corvette. Thanks at least in part to the success of the two-seat Ford Thunderbird, Chevy saw the market for the Corvette. he biggest change for the '55 was the addition of the optional 195 horsepower V8, although records show seven six-cylinder models were built. By the end of the year a three-speed manual transmission was available as well as the standard Powerglide. The electrical systems were 12 volt in the V8's, in the six cylinder models they used the 6 volt system common to the previous two years.The V8 models are identified by a larger gold "v" attached over the top of the small "v" on the badging on the front fenders, the VIN on these models also starts with a "V". Six cylinder VINs do not start with a "V". The windshield washer button is activated by a foot switch on the floor. An auxiliary hard top was not available from the factory or as Chevrolet sponsored dealer accessories. Third parties did manufacture a hard top that some dealers sold though.

1955 Production Options and Build Statistics
Total 1955 Corvettes Built - 700 - All Convertibles

Serial Numbers: VE55S001001 through VE55S001700 ("V" is omitted on Six Cylinder Models)

RPO Description MFG's Price Production
2934-6 Base Roadster - 6-cylinder $2,774.00 N/A
2934-8 Base Roadster - 8-cylinder* $2,909.00 N/A
100 Directional Signals $16.75 700
101 Heater $91.40 700
102 AM Radio, Signal Seeking $145.15 700
290B Whitewall Tires, 6.70x15 $26.90 N/A
313M Powerglide Automatic Transmission $178.35 N/A
420A Parking Brake Alarm $5.65 700
421A Courtesy Lights $4.05 700
422A Windshield Washer $11.85 700
* Identified by a gold "V" on both front fenders, and a 12 volt electrical system.

Color Options for 1955

RPO Exterior Interior Soft Top Production
567 Polo White Red White/Beige 325
570 Pennant Blue Dark Beige Beige 45
573 Corvette Copper Dark Beige White 15
596 Gypsy Red Light Beige White/Beige 180
632 Harvest Gold Yellow Dark Green 120

1955 Corvette Specifications

Mechanical Dimensions

Wheelbase 102.0 in
Track Frt/Rear (in) 57.0/59.0
Lengtd 167.0 in
Widtd 72.24 in
Height 51.25 in
Frontal Area N/A
Ground Clearance 6.0 in.
Curb Weight 2750 lbs
Weight Dist. F/R (Engine) N/A
Coolant Capacity 17.75
Fuel Capacity 17.25 gal.

Engine Specifications

RPO 2934-6 2934-8
Type OHV, inline-6 cylinder OHV, 8 cylinder
Bore 3.56 in. 3.75 in.
Stroke 3.94 in. 3.0 in.
Displacement 235.5 ci 265 ci
Compression Ratio 8.0:1 8.0:1
Block Cast Iron Cast Iron
Horsepower 150 bhp @ 4200 rpm 195 bhp @ 5000 rpm
Torque 223 lb-ft @ 2400 rpm N/A
Redline N/A N/A
Carburetion 3 sidedraft Carter Carbs. Carter 4-bbl
Oil Capacity N/A N/A
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